Friday Schedule

Grassroots Radio Conference 2018 Schedule

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018

Updated Oct. 3, 2018




Mentoring, Meetups


Break-Out Sessions #1

9:30am Room 110

Circle of Engagement: A Strategy for Leading Change

Sally Kane and Ernesto Aguilar

On a daily basis, stations contend with a variety of issues. But, how do you sustain the work of the station beyond the day-to-day, so that reliable service to the community can be achieved? NFCB will lead a session on how content, revenue and engagement are connected, and why organizational capacity has to be in place to strengthen each of those areas. We will explore findings from our recent station survey, data on trends and more intended to help you to lift up your station into the future.

9:30am Room 150

The KBOO Archive — a case study

Erin Yanke and Marti Clemmons

KBOO is in the process of turning their accumulation of audio into a proper working archive accessible to the community that is also useful to academics and scholars. Hear about the beginnings and the middle of this process, and where we aim to be at the end.

9:30am Room 170

"Tools and Resources for Emerging Independent Journalists" and "Intro to Mobile Journalism: 7 Ways You Can Use Your Cellphone to Document a News Event"

Lisa Loving

You: A local news reporter just getting started, or someone who dreams of taking the leap. Me: An info-hoarder with a trove of knowledge on grassroots hyper-local news around the US. In this workshop I will list 12 key national organizations, funding sources, centers of innovation and places to get impactful story ideas for your local news and public affairs audience. This workshop offers basic journalism skills wrapped in a brief brainstorm on how you can use the most powerful journalism tool ever invented: Your smartphone.

9:30am Room 180

Raspberry Pi Pyrate Radio — Open Source EAS

Bill Polonsky and Adam Brody

Demonstration of using Raspberry Pi to run open source EAS, community media scheduling and playback, online media library via web applications We will attend in person for the entire GRC.



Vendor visits, networking


Break-Out Sessions #2

11:00am Room 170

Turning Listeners Into Raving Fans

Becky Meiers and Contessa de la Luna

Creating loyal listeners by engaging your radio audience using social and video media, activities and meaningful thank you gifts.

11:00am Room 150

Community Radio and Digital Inclusion Funding Roundtable

Sabrina Roach and Former FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

Learn about literally embedding chips and sensors in your neighborhoods so that stories produced by your station can reach further and live longer. Make the stories of those displaced by gentrification visible. Connect with community partners you might not connect with otherwise. Play a non-profit role in the Internet of Things and possibly with area utilities and bridging digital divides.

11:00am Room 110

Podcasting and your Radio Station

Ursula Ruedenberg

A review of different ways stations are integrating podcasting into their operations. Also thoughts on a community radio podcast network.

11:00am Room 180

Organizing the Organization

Betty McArdle

An introduction to governance and management, and their vital importance to the life of your station: From effective boards to volunteer handbooks.

12:15pm Room 110

Bag Lunch

12:30pm Room 110

Introductions, Announcement, Acknowledging National College Radio Day

12:35pm Room 110

Hip Hop Plenary Panel

Mic Crenshaw and Alisha Franklin



Vendor visits, Networking


Break-Out Sessions #3

2:45pm Room 170

How To Promote the Hell Outta Your Station or Show for Cheap or Even for Free!

Jim Ellinger

Scores of tricks of the trade to get your name/message out there. Press Release and Publicity Events. Branding and Swag!

2:45pm Room 180

Defending our Movements

Tracy Rosenberg and Chris Bushick

Privacy, and the lack of it, has been all over the news lately, but what can we actually do about it as community media workers? This workshop will start at the root with our own digital security practices, using the new Defend Our Movements website (Mayfirst Peoplelink) as our base as well as EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense site. We'll go over security precautions and options for you, your station, and your listeners, interviewees and sources, including working with super-vulnerable members of the community and whistleblowers. Then we'll talk a bit about the pro-privacy pushback with a spotlight on the advocacy/legislative work in Seattle to your north and Oakland to your south.

2:45pm Room 150

Survey of Radio Automation Tools

David Klann

There exist far more radio automation systems than there should! Spend some time sorting through them and chatting with others in this guided tour of the radio automation landscape.

2:45pm Room 110

All Things Content: Programmers’ Roundtable

Ursula Ruedenberg-Moderator; Panelists: Vanessa Maria Graber, Sharon Scott, Barry Vogel, Stella Byrne, Will Floyd, Rashida Burch-Washington




Break / Networking

5:30 -7:00pm 


GRC 2018 Opening Event: Community Media Is the Future

Featuring former FCC Commissioner and Net Neutrality Champion - Mignon Clyburn


Dinner on your own

Enjoy Portland’s nightlife on your own.

Dead Moon Tribute Night city-wide