See David Barsamian and Wade Rathke at GRC 2018

Journalist David Barsamian and community radio pioneer Wade Rathke will be keynote speakers at GRC 2018.  In addition to telling stories of the early days of community radio, Wade will be showing the new documentary film about his life, "The Organizer." A must see for community radio people.

One of America's most tireless and wide-ranging investigative journalists, David Barsamian has altered the independent media landscape, both with his weekly radio show "Alternative Radio"—now in its 32th year—and his books with Noam Chomsky, Eqbal Ahmad, Howard Zinn, Tariq Ali, Richard Wolff, Arundhati Roy and Edward Said. His forthcoming book with Noam Chomsky is Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy. He lectures on world affairs, imperialism, capitalism, propaganda, the media, the economic crisis and global rebellions.

Wade Rathke is the founder and Chief Organizer of ACORN International as well as Local 100 United Labor Unions and the Publisher of Social Policy magazine. Wade is also the founder, and served as the Chief Organizer of ACORN for 39 years. He has worked for and founded a series of organizations dedicated to winning social justice, workers rights, and a democracy where “the people shall rule”.

Don’t miss out. Be an Early Bird registrant to the 2018 GRC in Portland Oregon, October 5-7.