=======General info

"Community Radio Around the World!"
Jim Ellinger

Opening plenary -- History of LPFM, how we got here
Chris Maxwell

"Lessons from Canada"
Laith Marouf CKUT

"Brainstorming: Financing Activism"
How do we finance our activism work, without grants? Open discussion.

=======Administration (Running the station)

"How to Promote the Helloutta Your LPFM Show/Station for Cheap...or Even For Free!"
Jim Ellinger

"10 strategies to market your radio station, (from a marketing professional)"
Lizbeth Calendrino WCAA-LP

"Station organization"
Caitlin Reading

"Fund Raising"
Clark Grant KBMF-LP

"Volunteers -- community radio is different from college radio and NPR."
Clark Grant KBMF-LP

"Receiving and Distributing Community Radio Content with Pacifica Network and other national platforms."
Ursula Reudenberg & Rebekka Reuter KHOI / Pacifica

"Somebody's out to get you. Now what?"
Michael Richards

"Chat with a lawyer (unstructured)"
Michael Richards

"Funding credits"
Michael Richards

"LPFM Roundtable"
Sharon Scott WXOX-LP, Vanessa Graber, WPPM-LP; Mike Yates, WAYO-LP; Lauree McArdle, WERA; Cathryn Platine WLPP-LP

=======Making programs (the creative side)

"Youth Radio"
Yafa and Saja Marouf CKUT

"Building a state-wide news network"
Marc Gronich WCAA-LP

"Local News"
Paul Smart WCAA-LP, Marielli Axi WSLR-LP, Gretchen King CKUT

"Podcast Production & Audience at Your Station"
Ursula Reudenberg & Rebekka Reuter KHOI / Pacifica

"Hispanic Stations Roundtable"
Julio Saenz WEPL-LP

"Emergency broadcasting"
Jim Ellinger

"Putting on live events and parties"
LaGanzie Kale KLEK-LP

"Building Community Media Hubs for Service and Change"
John Murphy WECS

Brainstorming: "Grassroots Radio News"
Brainstorming a replacement for FSRN. Open discussion.

=======Tech (building and operating the station)

"Refurbishing old equipment"
Al Davis

"Studio wiring and calibrating your audio for best sound"
Al Davis

"Running your station on solar power"
Chris Maxwell

"Setting up your own stream using Icecast."
Max Kelly & Jarret Whetstone WAYO-LP

"Station Security"
Max Kelly & Jarret Whetstone WAYO-LP

"FREE Radio Show Archiving with Mixcloud"
Dave Ziebarth WAYO-LP

"Internet Technology: Archives, Reporting, Web Interfaces, Aggregators, and Whatever Else Matters in Broadcasting"
Otis Maclay - Pacifica

"Survey of Automation Systems"
David Klann WDRT

"Intro to Rivendell"
David Klann WDRT

"Advanced Rivendell"
David Klann WDRT