Saturday 9:00-10:00 session 1

Opening keynote
The history of LPFM radio from someone who was there
Christopher Maxwell

Saturday 10:30-11:30 session 2

Survey of automation systems
David Klann WDRT
In this session we present some of the most popular radio automation systems, and through a narrative story discuss the pros and cons of each of the selected tools. This session is intended to whet attendees' appetites and help them make a first pass decision about which (if any) automation systems they should give a closer look.

Podcast Production & Audience at Your Station
Ursula Ruedenberg & Rebekka Reuter KHOI
Developing a strategy at your station for podcast media is an investment in where things are going. This workshop is an introduction to the world of podcasting. To help you think about what you may want to do, we take you through a concrete example how one station is building their podcast network.

10 strategies to market your radio station, (from a marketing professional)
Lisbeth Calendrino WCAA-LP
Every radio station needs a marketing strategy, what's yours? What makes your station different is what will bring you in listeners and supporters. You will leave with your differentiation strategies as well as digital marketing ideas for your particular area. This seminar will provide you with interesting and "never in the box" ideas for your communications team.

Studio calibration and wiring
Al Davis
This session is about making your station sound good. We will cover audio wiring, grounding, balanced and unbalanced audio, headroom, addressing hum problems, getting the levels right, dealing with a mix of consumer and pro equipment.

Saturday 11:30- 1:00 lunch

Saturday 1:00- 2:00 session 3

Online Streaming with Icecast
Max Kelly, Jarret Whetstone WAYO-LP
Don't pay a third-party to stream your community radio station! Learn the steps required to set up your own cloud-based Icecast streaming server, capable of supporting hundreds of streaming users for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, attendees will learn how to use open-source software to track streaming listener statistics.

Lessons from Canada - Disrupting settler colonialism and oppression in the media
Laith Marouf CKUT
This presentation will introduce the Community Media Advocacy Centre ( and its work promoting self-determination by underrepresented media makers and communities through relationship-building, research, learning and advocacy. This presentation will focus on how media policy in Canada upholds settler colonialism and why it is important for community radio stations (on both sides of the border) to engage in media making and policy processes that disrupt settler colonialism and oppression in media.

How to Promote the Helloutta Your LPFM Show/Station for Cheap...or Even For Free!
Jim Ellinger, Austin Airwaves
Jim has been sharing his many tricks of the trade on how to promote your community group and radio station for decades, even if your promotion budget is ZERO! Highlights include: How to write a press release that gets published, Press conferences and publicity stunts, OWN your event. Producing your own event, or being a part of another groups? SWAG! Signage, Biz cards and 'push' cards, Controversy as your friend, trick your critics into promoting your station, 'Branding' your logo and community image, Awards! EVERYBODY is a winner!
Saturday 2:30- 3:30 session 4

Securing your Studio
Max Kelly & Jarret Whetstone WAYO-LP
Learn how to install a cost-effective system to provide your station members with access to your studio without compromising station security. This is made possible by the combination of an electronic access control system and network-enabled security cameras.

FREE Radio Show Archiving with Mixcloud
Dave Ziebarth WAYO-LP
Description: An overview of how to distribute your station's radio content to a worldwide online service easily, quickly, and with no cost! Thus providing your listeners with access to your content, on-demand, 24/7, 365 with no licensing hassles.

Fundraising: Grant Writing, Pledge Drives, Underwriting
Clark Grant KBMF-LP
From federal grants and corporate support to membership drives and individual donor relationships, a multi-faceted fundraising approach can drive quality and stability for a small station. This presentation offers guidance on station growth and how to manage funds arriving from a variety of projects and sources.

Local News Roundtable
Paul Smart WCAA-LP, Marielli Axi WSLR-LP, Gretchen King CKUT
This is a roundtable about covering local news.

Saturday 4:00- 5:00 session 5

Community Radio Roundtable
Sharon Scott, WXOX; Vanessa Graber, WPPM; Mike Yates, WAYO;
Lauree McArdle, WERA; Cathryn Platine, WLPP; LaGanzie Kale, KLEK
The Community Radio Roundtable will survey the community radio landscape and develop a support network through which stations can work collectively to create, enhance, and protect community broadcasting opportunities nationwide.

Sunday 9:00-10:00 session 1

Internet Technology: Archives, Reporting, Web Interfaces, Aggregators, and Whatever Else Matters in Broadcasting
Otis Maclay - Pacifica
Listeners time shift the programs they like: The Pacifica archive system. We have to report the music we play: The Pacifica Copyright Confessor. How these tools can make your life simpler and give listeners a good time.

Emergency Radio Workshop
Jim Ellinger, David Beaton, & Donna DiBianco
The Emergency Radio Workshop will focus on getting stations trained and organized in remediation efforts through government and community education and coordination programs. He can also share stories about putting stations on the air in Wimberley, (post deadly flood) Haiti, (post earth quake) and Houston (post Katrina.)

Station Organization
Caitlin Reading
In this session, Caitlin will go over the basics of organizing a station staff, including a typical org-chart and job descriptions. It is intended for stations just getting started.

Writing and reading news script with *GroundWire*.
Gretchen King & Candace Mooers CKUT
GroundWire is a 29-minute news program that is collaboratively produced by community radio stations and community news producers across Canada. A reliable, high-quality news program airing twice a month on over 20 radio stations, GroundWire is also distributed on the Community Radio Exchange and Media Co-op. This participatory presentation will include a brief history of this collective project by and for community radio stations, then offer a hands-on skills training session in writing and reading script for news. Workshop participants will also collaboratively read and record the GroundWire hosting script for the October 9th episode.

Sunday 10:30-11:30 session 2

Sun Powered and Weather Resistant Radio Stations
Chris Maxwell
Your station runs on electricity, so of course we'll talk about how to organize your station for solar power when you can do that. IN THE MEANTIME all of us including our stations can benefit from FAR MORE AFFORDABLE energy conservation that will ALSO make the station last longer on fewer expensive solar panels! So we'll discuss how to work both ends of Solar Power and Energy Conservation toward the middle goal of Net Zero Energy Costs and not just to save electricity but to ALSO MAKE THE STATION COMFY, HEALTHY AND RESILIENT!

Station Management: The Story of KBMF in Butte, Montana
Clark Grant KBMF-LP
Low power FM stations can be developed into robust media institutions despite their 100-watt limitations. In just two years, KBMF-LP has grown to an operating budget of more than $50,000. This presentation covers the story of KBMF in Butte, Montana, and highlights successful techniques for
volunteer recruitment and retention, nuts and bolts of daily management, as well as regional and international radio collaborations.

Youth Radio - Ideas from youth on getting youth voices on air
Yafa and Saja Marouf CKUT
Yafa and Saja Marouf, 11 and 8 years old, will share their award-winning radio content aired on CKUT 90.3fm. They will describe how they organize their radio programs and get other youth involved. This presentation will also include brainstorming ideas for getting youth on air at your local stations.

Sunday 11:30- 1:00 lunch

Sunday 1:00- 2:00 session 3

Receiving and Distributing Community Radio Content with Pacifica Network and other national platforms
Ursula Ruedenberg & Rebekka Reuter KHOI
Nationally distributed community radio content connects you more to the world, enriches your sound with great information and music, sets a standard for community programming, and if you are a new station, can provide content to fill the schedule and buy time while you develop local programming. This workshop gives you sources for syndicated program and informs you about the Pacifica affiliate network, the primary content sharing network specifically for community radio.

Keeping your Funding Credits Away from Trouble
Michael Richards
Noncommercial radio stations without a dedicated deep-pocketed funder, need to raise money to keep the lights on and the transmitter pumping electrons. Funding credits or underwriting announcements can help. But noncommercial means just that - no commercials. Of course, we all know that noncom listeners tend to be extremely engaged - and advertisers know it. But tapping into that cash stream can be treacherous. Shades of meaning matter when it comes to FCC compliance with underwriting rules. This session begins to unpack it - and, perhaps, give you some ideas for keeping trouble away from underwriting efforts.

Intro to Rivendell
David Klann WDRT
This session includes an overview of the Open Source Rivendell automation system with a detailed description of the system and its components. Live demo may be included. The session is geared to both full power and low power community radio stations. Attendees will leave this session with enough understanding of the Rivendell system to assess its suitability for their stations.

Sunday 2:30- 3:30 session 4

Laura Flanders - keynote

Sunday 4:00- 5:00 session 5

Break-out groups
After the keynote, we break up into groups for interactive discussion.
Here are some of them:
Local and regional news : Paul Smart and others
Hispanic roundtable : Julio Saenz WEPL-LP
Chat with a lawyer : Michael Richards

Monday 9:00-10:00 session 1

Refurbishing old equipment
Al Davis
This session is about making the best of old equipment. We cover topics like what can go wrong, how to evaluate whether to repair or replace, how to evaluate donations and what you might find for sale. We will look at construction methods, components, how to deal with parts that are not available anymore, lack of documentation, and possible upgrades. We also look at some of the new equipment as it might appear 20 years from now when it becomes old.

Surviving an FCC inspection
Donna DiBianco
Donna and others will share years of experience as Compliance Specialists and FCC inspections. You'll learn how to prepare for and pass a basic FCC Inspection.

Monday 10:30-11:30 session 2

Advanced Rivendell
David Klann WDRT
A follow-up to the "Intro to Automation with Rivendell" session that includes a look at some of the more advanced functions you can achieve with the Open Source Rivendell radio automation system. Like the Intro session, this is geared toward community radio stations. People who attend this session will gain an understanding of some of Rivendell's more complex functions. Attendees will learn whether Rivendell's advanced features are appropriate for their stations.

Somebody's out to get you. Now what?
Michael Richards
Competitors, idealogues who take offense, as well as other stations coveting your crust of spectrum could be lurking. When it comes to FCC regulation, all's fair in both love and war. And that means being prepared - just in case someone gets a little aggressive. This is especially important for low budget noncommercial stations. This session will provide a starting point to prepare - just in case.

Monday 11:30- 1:00 lunch

Monday 1:00- 2:00 session 3

“Committee” meetings
Pacifica affiliates : Ursula Ruedenberg
Linux-Rivendell install-fest
Financing activism

Monday 2:30- 3:30 session 4

GRC business meeting
This is the annual business meeting of the Grassroots Radio Coalition. The main agenda item is next year’s conference.